Starting Solids Class

Seattle Starting Solids Class. First Foods for baby. Comprehensive preparation options for an important transition

Feeling confident about starting solids with your baby can make a huge difference in how smoothly this big transition goes.

Sound Breastfeeding offers an evidence-based and culturally-relevant class that will help families determine the best time-frame, method, and foods for their little ones.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends introduction of table foods beginning around 6 months of age. This class covers the research and practice to support a fun and easy transition to eating, including:

  • Developmental Signs of Readiness
  • Philosophies – Purees and “Baby Led Solids” (also known as “Baby Led Weaning”)
  • Safety, Allergies, and Other Concerns
  • Offering Liquids
  • Supplies and Strategies
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Handouts, including tips, online, and local resources

This class includes presentation, plenty of group discussion, and time for questions
Information sheet, including tips, online, and local resources
Examples of feeding supplies and books will be available

This class is suitable for all families, including vegan, vegetarian, and omnivores, breastfeeding, and/or formula feeding, and those who have already started solids but are interested in learning more. Babies welcome.

Classes through Sound Breastfeeding are now closed.

New offerings now available through Sound Beginnings!