Sound Breastfeeding services are now available through Sound Beginnings!

Breastfeeding is natural, nourishing, and nurturing. Yet, for a variety of reasons, sometimes families need reassurance or support overcoming challenges. Obtaining that support from an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) ensures your family is getting the “gold standard” in breastfeeding care. Sound Breastfeeding offers up-to-date, evidence-based information, professional and personal experience, as well as compassionate guidance as you work toward your own breastfeeding goals. If you have questions or concerns, or if you’re experiencing breastfeeding difficulties, please visit Sound Beginnings!

Sound Breastfeeding services include:

Prenatal Breastfeeding Assessment

  • Private in-home visit (~1 hour)
  • Health history and physical assessment
  • Your breastfeeding questions and concerns answered
  • Personal plan for early breastfeeding
  • Packet with handouts, tip sheets and local resources
  • A follow-up phone call once baby arrives to check-in on how things are going

Comprehensive In-Home Lactation Consultation

  • Private in-home lactation consultation  (~1.5-2 hours)
  • Health history and physical assessment
  • Education about infant cues    
  • Advice on positioning to maximize comfort, intuition and reflexes    
  • Assistance with baby’s latch    
  • Observation and assessment of an entire nursing session    
  • Exploration of nursing challenges and solutions
  • Assessment of growth and transfer during the feeding with a high accuracy neonatal scale
  • Demonstration of techniques and tools for improving breastfeeding
  • Demonstration of the use of feeding equipment (including breast pump), if necessary   
  • An individually tailored care plan, recommendations, and any necessary referrals  
  • Reports to health care providers and collaboration as needed to support next steps  
  • A “superbill” receipt for insurance purposes
  • Phone and email follow-up for two weeks or until your initial breastfeeding issue is resolved   

 Comprehensive In-Home Lactation Consultation for Twins

  • The above for two babies!

Follow-Up Lactation Consultation

  • Ideal for new, or on-going, challenges
  • During this ~1 hour visit we’ll review progress, address any concerns, and create an updated care plan as needed
  • For established clients, private in-person Return to Work Consultations or other “next steps” education and support are also available

Home Consultation without Feeding Evaluation

  • For cases that do not require a feeding evaluation but would benefit from in-person care.
  • During this ~1 hour visit we’ll review your situation, address any questions or concerns, and create a care plan as needed.
  • As an alternative, some clients may prefer to schedule a phone consultation.

Phone or Internet Video Consultations

Phone or internet video consultations for breastfeeding support. Ideal for support with “next steps” or situations where an in-person consultation is not necessary.

These are scheduled in advance and you will be emailed a consent form and brief intake questionnaire so that we may maximize our time by phone or internet video.

Summary email included.
Written plan, resources, and/or reports to health care providers available for an additional fee.

Sound Breastfeeding services are now available through Sound Beginnings!