Breastfeeding Your Newborn Class

newborn_photo2A comprehensive prenatal breastfeeding class about the first month with your baby

This two-hour, Seattle-area prenatal breastfeeding class provides the information you need and is held in a comfortable community space with other expecting families.

Breastfeeding Your Newborn Class covers:

  • Foundations for Breastfeeding Success
  • How Milk Is Made
  • Feeding a Newborn
    • Latch
    • Positions
    • Chronological Overview of the First Month
    • When and How Long To Feed
  • How to Know Baby’s Getting Enough
  • Possible Early Hurdles (and what you can do)
  • Helpful Hint
  • Community Resources

This class includes presentation, discussion, video, hands on practice, and time for questions
Information sheet, including tips, online, and local resources
Examples of helpful supplies and books

This class is suitable for hospital, birth center, and home birth families

Classes through Sound Breastfeeding are now closed.

New offerings available through Sound Beginnings!