Breastfeeding Beyond the First Month Class

Education and support for the next steps in your breastfeeding journey

Many families take a prenatal class and navigate the early days of establishing breastfeeding. But what about after the newborn period when there are still many new transitions and questions? This class goes beyond latch will give you the knowledge, support and encouragement on the next steps and stages that come with breastfeeding as baby grows. This class provides a supportive and informative space for education and discussion, including the following topics:

  • How to Know that Breastfeeding Is Well Established
  • How Breastfeeding Changes as Babies Grow
  • Nursing In Public
  • Pumping, Storing, and Bottles
  • Possible Hurdles (and what you can do)
  • Distracted nursing, teething, biting, etc.
  • Hormones and Emotions

This class includes presentation, plenty of group discussion, and time for questions
Information sheet, including tips, online, and local resources

This class is suitable for all families with babies close to, or beyond, one month of age.
Babies welcome.

Classes through Sound Breastfeeding are now closed.

New classes through Sound Beginnings coming in 2017!